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Experience the power of Valinity, a new DeFi protocol that offers immediate and consistent Ethereum rewards. Say goodbye to traditional staking and hello to fair governance.

What Is Valinity?

Start Generating Yield Now

Each VY Token has generated a certain amount of ETH which is shown here and will continue growing over time. You can claim this ETH as soon as you swap for VY Tokens through the Valinity ecosystem.

Here you can view how much ETH Valinity has generated for VY holders, how much has been claimed from Reverse Staking VY and how much ETH is locked in our Yield Rate treasury- waiting to be claimed by you.

Outperforming Ethereum

Valinity is always accumulating ETH, because of this fact VY is designed to outpace the price of ETH.

Audited & Verified

Decentralized through Ethereum and verified by Certik, the leading Web 3 auditing firm. Valinity provides a secure and transparent environment for users to engage in Reverse Staking, Governance and more. 

Verified by

Built on the Tri-Treasury

Valinity’s Tri-Treasury is an innovative smart contract system that balances the tokenomics of Valinity’s DeFi Protocol and reinforces the Yield Rate, allowing users to receive Reverse Staking rewards immediately and consistently.

Revenue Cycle


Balances the active supply on the market, storing tokens and generating revenue for the ecosystem.

Yield Rate


Stores all ETH generated by the Valinity ecosystem, which can be claimed by Reverse Staking VY.

Reverse Staking


A method allowing users to instantly and consistently claim yield in ETH through holding VY tokens.


Circulating Supply

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Our intuitive mobile app puts the power of $VY right in your hands. Valinity’s mobile app is the only place you can Reverse Stake, claim rewards, and manage your assets, making it the perfect tool for both beginners and experienced crypto enthusiasts. 

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