Valinity Airdrop

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Step 1: Purchase $VY Tokens

Step 2: Reverse Stake using Valinity

Step 3: Submit Your Valinity Wallet Address

Valinity Informe de progreso

Valinity Airdrop: recibe 10% en VY!

  • Oficial $VY Token Airdrop:
    • 10% airdrop
    • Cualquier VY minado a través del Revenue Cycle Treasury
    • Enviado al fin del mes.
    • Airdrop finaliza una vez que Valinity tenga 1.500 poseedores

Febrero de 2024: El fundador de Valinitys presenta el Informe de progreso. (ingles)

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Official Airdrop Rules

  • Official $VY Token Airdrop:

    • Valinity Labs Official $VY Token Airdrop
      • Exciting opportunity for early token holders
      • Receive extra cryptocurrency for free
    • Official Protocol Launch Date:
      • June 1, 2023
    • Airdrop Date & Giveaway End: 
      • June 15, 2023

      How the Airdrop is Measured:

      • Token Purchase:
        • After launch, users can purchase $VY Tokens directly from the Valinity protocol or through the P2P marketplace
      • Airdrop Rebate Boost:
        • 10% rebate for tokens purchased during the specified time frame
        • Example: Buy 100 $VY Tokens and receive 10 $VY Tokens from the Airdrop
      • Reverse Stake Benefits:
        • Additional 5% tokens for users who Reverse Stake their tokens through Valinity
        • Example: Reverse Stake 100 $VY Tokens, receive 10 $VY Tokens for purchase, plus 5 $VY Tokens for Reverse Staking

      How to Register:

      • Airdrop Date:
        • This Summer, To be announced
        • Join the $ETH Giveaway to stay up-to-date on Valinity and the upcoming Airdrop event
      • Enter the $ETH Giveaway on this page
      • Purchase & Reverse Stake $VY Tokens starting June 1, 2023
      • Submit Your Valinity Wallet Address for Verification
      • Automatically Receive Airdrop Tokens

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