Reverse Staking
is finally here

Experience the power of Reverse Staking with Valinity, a new DeFi protocol that offers immediate and consistent rewards to its token holders. Say goodbye to traditional staking and hello to sustained yield stability, fair governance, and instant liquidity.

Reverse Stake
& Earn Ethereum

Experience the power of Valinity, a new DeFi protocol that offers immediate and consistent Ethereum rewards. Say goodbye to traditional staking and hello to fair governance, and instant liquidity. Our exclusive launch Airdrop is happening now!

Unlock your full Yield potential, right away

Valinity offers you the ability to unlock yield rewards immediately, without having your liquidity locked up for an extended period of time. This is all thanks to the power of DeFi technology and our innovative Tri-Treasury system.

Tri-Treasury Tokenomics

The Tri-Treasury system is an innovative solution that balances the tokenomics of Valinity’s DeFi Protocol and reinforces the Yield Rate, allowing users to receive staking rewards immediately rather than over time.

Revenue Cycle


Balances the active supply on the market, storing tokens and generating revenue for the ecosystem.

Yield Rate


Stores all $ETH generated by the Valinity ecosystem, which is represented by the Yield Rate.

Reverse Staking


A new method allowing users to claim yield in $ETH through $VY tokens, without the need to sell or swap.


Max $VY Token Supply

Valinity has a max supply of 7 billion tokens and the Revenue Cycle Treasury smart contract is the sole minter of $VY, it only does this if the market has more demand than supply. This is another revolutionary aspect of Valinity, where holders don’t have to worry about their holdings losing value by newly minted tokens being dumped into circulation.*

*(100% of the Ethereum generated by the sale of the newly minted $VY goes to the Yield Rate Treasury, increasing the Yield Rate for each $VY.)

Built on Ethereum

Decentralized through Ethereum and backed by Certik audits, Valinity provides a secure and transparent environment for users to engage in Reverse Staking, Governance and more. 

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Our intuitive mobile app puts the power of decentralized finance right in your hands. Valinity’s user-friendly platform simplifies reverse staking, claiming rewards, and managing your assets, making it the perfect tool for both beginners and experienced crypto enthusiasts. Download the app now and embark on your DeFi journey with Valinity.

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