Smart Contracts

VY Token

  • VY Token Contract, native token contract which hosts all of the token stats

VETH Revenue Cycle Treasury

  • Functions as the minting site for VY, the Valinity token
  • VY minting occurs through swapping Ethereum in this contract.
  • Receives all Burned VY through Staking and TX fees to be reMinted. 


VETH Yield Rate Treasury

  • Holds Ethereum, generated by the minting of VY. Accessible only via Reverse Staking VY.

VETH Reverse Stake Treasury

  • Holds and locks all VY when Reverse Staked.


  • P2P Marketplace, a decentralized smart contract, where users can swap their tokens directly peer to peer, equivalent to Paxful, LocalBTC, BinanceP2P, etc.

VETH Governance

  • Governance Contract, controlling changes to the protocol through a voting process that every Valinity holder can take part in.

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