Reverse Staking

1. Access the Reverse Staking Page:

  • Navigate to the Reverse Staking section on the Valinity dApp.

2. Open a New Pool:

  • Look for the option/button labelled “Open a Reverse Staking Term” or similar.
  • Click to initiate the process of creating a new pool.

3. Review Pool Details:

  • Before proceeding, read the fine print or details associated with the pool.
    • This typically includes information about staking duration, rewards, penalties, etc.
  • Ensure you fully understand the terms of the contract.
    • If unsure, consider seeking clarification or consulting with knowledgeable peers.

4. Initiate the Contract:

  • Once you’re confident in understanding the terms, proceed to initiate the contract.
  • Follow any on-screen prompts or steps to finalize the creation of your pool.

5. Pay the ETH Gas Fee:

  • You’ll be prompted to pay a gas fee in Ethereum (ETH) to process your staking.
  • Confirm the amount and authorize the transaction using your connected wallet.

6. Receive ETH Rewards:

  • Upon successful payment of the gas fee, you’ll immediately receive your Ethereum yield rewards.
  • The exact amount of ETH rewarded will be indicated or can be seen in your wallet.

7. Locking of VY Tokens:

  • After the contract initiation, your VY tokens will be automatically locked in the Reverse Staking treasury.
  • These tokens will remain locked for the duration specified in the pool’s terms.

8. Monitoring and Management:

  • Regularly check the Dashboard page to monitor the status of your staked tokens and any accumulated rewards.
  • Remember to claim any additional rewards or manage your staking terms as needed.

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