Staking Reinvented;
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Welcome to Valinity, the revolutionary platform that’s redefining the future of DeFi. Our technology and user-centric approach makes earning yield with crypto more decentralized and secure than ever. Explore the innovative features of Valinity through our Whitepaper.

How It works

Yield Rate

The Yield Rate Treasury stores $ETH generated from the protocol’s token sales, which only becomes accessible through the Reverse Staking of $VY. All other fees collected by the Valinity ecosystem (ie. P2P fee of 2%, Transfer Fee of 0.5%, RESTing Burn of 0.98%) are charged to the member in $VY and taken out of circulation. This mechanism leaves more $ETH in the Valinity ecosystem for the remaining $VY, increasing the Yield Rate for the entire Valinity community.

P2P Marketplace

One of the most unique elements created by the team at Valinity Labs is our P2P Marketplace, where members are also able to trade $VY directly with one another. Members looking to buy/sell $VY are able to do so on the open market by either setting a desired price and their quantity or accepting an existing set price. This mechanism allows for a transparent and fair trading experience, completely on audited smart contracts, removing third parties and centralization risks.

True Ownership

Valinity is fully decentralized through the Ethereum Blockchain, created through a series of Audited Smart Contracts. Any future changes to Valinity can only be made through Governance Voting. This authority is earned when you purchase $VY tokens, allowing members the same access and control as the founding team. By holding $VY, you join a community where every participant has a say on what happens next, through decentralized governance, using your $VY to vote.


*The Valinity Labs team did not allocate tokens to founders, developers, or for capital raising. Every Valinity holder bought into the project directly.

Unlock Instant Yield
with Reverse Staking

No more waiting for yield rewards! Our cutting-edge protocol allows you to receive staking rewards immediately, giving you greater control over your investments. With Valinity, you’ll enjoy a new level of flexibility, empowering you to make accurate financial decisions in real-time.


Purchase $VY Tokens

Valinity’s Reverse Staking protocol begins with $VY. Simply connect to the Valinity dApp to swap for our native token.


Begin Reverse Staking

In one click, you can Reverse Stake your $VY tokens, immediately receiving the Yield generated by each $VY in the form of $ETH.


Claim More Yield

Once the Yield Rate has gone up, you can re-stake your currently staked $VY tokens. This new contract will unlock additional $ETH for you and you can repeat this process every time the yield rate rises.

Built on the Tri-Treasury

Valinity’s Tri-Treasury is an innovative smart contract system that balances the tokenomics of Valinity’s DeFi Protocol and reinforces the Yield Rate, allowing users to receive Reverse Staking rewards immediately and consistently.

Revenue Cycle


Balances the active supply on the market, storing tokens and generating revenue for the ecosystem.

Yield Rate


Stores all ETH generated by the Valinity ecosystem, which can be claimed by Reverse Staking VY.

Reverse Staking


A method allowing users to instantly and consistently claim yield in ETH through holding VY tokens.

the True Meaning of DeFi

Our noncustodial wallet is now available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Already have a wallet? Connect to the Valinity Web DApp through Wallet Connect or your favorite Browser Wallet.

Download or Connect to our Web DApp and get started now!


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